Maybe it's time to do a bit of a recap of what I have been saying up till now:

1. The universe, taken as a whole, will seemingly bend or break all the rules we have spent centuries developing...

2. All particles, no matter how different from one another they  may be, have one thing in common - they are each built to convey a specific type of information. This is, in fact, why point #1 gets broke in the first place. Sometimes, traveling even at light speed is just too darn slow.

3. The reason for point #2 revolves around information transfer, which in turn explains point # 1.

4. Relativity theory is based on energy, and if point #1 is assumed, all the other points fall neatly in place. Sometimes relativity is just too constraining for quantum mechanics and gets discarded.

5. Spooky action at a distance, as Einstein called it, involves motion. But since motion involves energy, the above points show that there must be something else that will cause motion under some kinds of circumstances that does not involve energy - that there is something else 'out there'.


Whew, that sure is enough to make for a large headache. I have in essence torn down physics as we know it. The only thing I haven't picked on is motion itself. That's because it is measurable, phenomenological. Everything else, if you have been following, derives from motion, is our attempt to explain motion. All we really know is motion. Motion is not just a definition, as is everything else. Now, before I raise anyone's blood pressure too high, I am not saying the concepts of energy, force, and work don't exist - it's just that they all fail, that they all break down, if pushed too far. They reveal a weakness that shouldn't be there. Something else is needed, not to replace the afore mentioned concepts, but to augment them. Remember, for hundreds of years Newtonian physics worked very well except when pushed too far. Looking into the failings of Newton, both relativity and quantum physics were born. We know more about our universe now. Immensely more. But, Good Old Newton is still fine enough to land astronauts on the moon or aim a space probe into the atmosphere of Jupiter, let alone land a robot probe on Mars exactly where it ought to be.

In much the same way, we need another idea to not only get a clearer picture of how motion is caused (which is the heart of physics), but to also increase our knowledge of our living quarters -- this universe. The time has come to ask the real question: 'What causes Motion?' If not energy, or force, then what? Have we overlooked something?  Can quantum physics tell us anything about motion? No - since quantum physics is only accurate when describing statistically large agglomerations of particles, it tells us nothing about an individual particle or the path that single particle may or may not take.  Not straying from the topic of this web site, remember, it is motion that conveys information - if the right 'thing' is found, it may not be bounded by C, the speed of light. From a proper understanding of our world, we may find the veils lifted from our eyes, and discover it is in actuality childishly simple to build a real useful FTL communicator... the irony is that what we have to look for has already been found. To see why, we have to go way back to the most simple experiment in quantum physics - the single slit experiment...