What Quantum Physics is telling us... if only we would listen:

The age old question of imaginary operators having the ability to do real work has no answer. Because of the way we have defined reality, all practical work must use energy to fit our world view. Is this right - or right thinking? The very physics we have developed during the last century or so, is saying otherwise. Force is what causes action. The first very useful equation every high school science student learns is Force (F) is the product of Mass (M) and Acceleration (A), or in equation form, F=MxA, meaning the amount of force is proportional both to an object's inertial mass and its acceleration, inertial mass being an inherent property of the object (which is still being debated about) and acceleration being the time rate of change of velocity. Who said anything about Energy?  But since work is being done without benefit of anything 'real' at the quantum level, energy and force may not be the primary cause of acceleration. Remember those walnut shells? Nothing cracked them, but in order for them to move they underwent an acceleration. Can there be something  'out there' that can mimic force and cause movement? If there is, this 'something' would easily be mistaken for a force because it causes motion, yet not be bound by its rules, and cause exactly the same results to material objects nevertheless. It would be phenomenological, because we can observe its results, yet not so in-your-face we would immediately notice it. So, is there such a thing? What are the clues we should be noticing, and, more importantly, can it be controlled? Properly applied, you really are looking at a most fundamental paradigm shift in thought -- imagine, force without Force, energy without Energy.

Quantum Mechanics has been telling us this for many decades. There's nothing wrong with the theory, even a little bit. It makes my job easier since I don't have to come up with a new physical theory, only concentrate on how to apply what I have learned.  Now, since it has been determined by the American Board of Anxiety Research that being overly anxious can make people turn to the end of the page in a book just to find out 'who dun it',  I'll say at this point to not do that, or you'll never understand how subtle this universe can be (and is).  I will also say this: Yep.


Yep, it is phenomenological, and can be tested in the lab (this has already been done by many other people, but they didn't fully get the results).

Yep, there are clues, and they've been staring us in the face for a long time. Yep, it sure is subtle. Yep, we can control it, with some effort. And, as far as the topic of this web site goes, Yep, it can lead to a real, working, FTL radio, one you might be able to buy at the local electronics shack as a gift for your kids (right now FTL radios are hellishly expensive to build, but I expect, like computers, the price will drop) in the not too distant future.

Oh, there are a few other points that need to be made, as well. They aren't really radios. More like information transfer systems - there is not a 'transmitter', or a 'receiver' in the conventional sense - but I'll stick to 'radio' because it is familiar nomenclature. Also, most everything I am going to talk about is not new at all. We could have known how to build FTL Radios fifty years ago, the only limiting factors were waiting for a proper interpretation of certain physical phenomena, and the evolution of fast working, low noise electronics. Physical theory is OK.  Oh, there really isn't any "American Board of  Anxiety Research",  as far as I can tell...yep.